Gummyn' soft candy

Chewy, soft candy with gummy bits inside.

Puchao chewy candy - gummy bits and fizzy tablet inside


Japan's favorite gummyn' soft candy

Enjoy bubbling and tasty flavors at the same time!

Fruit Soda 4 Flavors
Fruit Soda 4 Flavors Package - Front

Fruit Soda 4 Flavors

Apple Soda • Watermelon Soda

Grape Soda • Orange Soda

Fruit 4 Flavors Package - Front

Fruit 4 Flavors

Grape • Strawberry • Mango • Melon

Fruit 4 Flavors
Bubbly 2 Soda Flavors Package - Front

Bubbly 2 Soda Flavors

Cola • Ramune Soda

Uji Matcha Package - Front

Uji Matcha

Sticks - Ramune Soda

Puchao Sticks

Each pack contains 10 individually wrapped pieces.

Puchao is available from local or online retailers.

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