FAQs - UHA Mikakuto


What kind of flavors do you offer?

We offer a total of 11 flavors: 4 fruit flavors (Strawberry/Grape/Mango/Melon), 6 soda flavors (Ramune/Cola/Orange Soda/Watermelon Soda/Grape soda/Apple soda) and Green tea flavor.

Does Puchao contain gelatin? Where is the gelatin sourced from?

Yes, all Puchao candies contain gelatin, and the source is typically derived solely from pork gelatin.

Does Puchao contain gluten?

No, all Puchao candies don’t contain gluten.

Does Puchao contain any allergens?

All Puchao candies contain milk and tree nuts (coconuts). For further information regarding ingredients, please refer to the ingredients label on each product.

How many candies are in a single bag?

Each Puchao bag contains 20 individually wrapped candies. The Matcha Flavor Bag is an exception, containing 18 candies.

How many candies are in a single stick?

All Puchao sticks contain 10 candies.

Have a question that is not answered here?

Please contact our customer service team at info@puchao.us

Does Puchao contain caffeine?

No, all Puchao candies don’t contain caffeine.